Why I Always Say Yes to Preschool VBS! (Plus a Few Bonus Ideas for 2013)

On the last day of a great VBS at Hilton Terrace Baptist Church, I sweep up the remains of the sand table area, brush the glitter out of my hair, and dig play-dough out of the toy dishes, and I say to myself,”There is nothing like preschool VBS.” Preschool VBS is a unique blessing.Here are a few reasons why:

1)We get to play!

We play hard in the preschool department. All age groups play at VBS but in the preschool area play is the main instructional strategy. You have to love teaching an age group where many of the teaching activities involve toys. We use blocks to build a wall as we tell the story about Paul and the angry crowd. Our sand table teaches us about the sandy, dusty road where Paul walked on his way to Damascus. We float boats and simulate storms. We use our doctor kits to bandage baby dolls as we talk about being helpers. Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood fame says:”Play gives childen a chance to practice what they are learning,” and at preschool VBS, we are practicing all the time!

2)They know the answers (even if you haven’t asked any questions!)

We include our preschoolers in the first part of our Worship Rally. On the second day of VBS, our Family Minister announces that he’s going to ask some questions and correct answer givers win buttons. That’s all my preschoolers need to hear. Even before Curtiss asks the first question, they are raising their hands and calling out answers like “Bolivia!” “Paul saw a bright light!” Now we need to work on the wait til you’re called on before you answer (but hey, at least they raised their hands!) This eagerness to answer questions reminds me that preschoolers are learning machines. This age group takes in and retains A LOT! Which goes right along with my next point.

3) Little people have long memories.

I could cite lots of early childhood research that would tell you how remarkable the young child’s brain is, but instead, I will tell you from my many years of personal VBS experience that even very young children can learn and apply the lessons we are teaching.

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VBS Skit 2013

John, Curtiss, and Mark on the "roller coaster" at Hilton Terrace Baptist Church!

John, Curtiss, and Mark on the “roller coaster” at Hilton Terrace Baptist Church!

Each year, I write a very short skit to publicize that year’s VBS theme. It’s always so much fun to set and really helps us set the mood for the theme. Feel free to use this year’s script! Enjoy!

Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Speaker 3


All three enter and get in line next to the

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She’s Nine, Not Nineteen

I just started reading a book called Six Ways to Keep the

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That Was Beautiful!

This summer, I went with Meg to Centri-Kid camp, and she gave me one of those “You’ll Never forget This, Mom Moments. There were around 750 people filing out of the auditorium at Norman Park after the worship service on Saturday night. It was hot and the air was thick with gnats as it always is in South Georgia this time of year. (Because our first years in ministry were in Ashburn, I have spent a lot of time at Norman Park, but somehow my walks down memory lane never include the gnats!)Meg was walking a little in front of me as we cleared the doors, and when we got outside, she lifted her head toward the sky and said in a very conversational tone, “That was beautiful.” I said, “Meg, were you talking to me?”
“No, Mom,

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Why I (Still) Love to Tell the Story!

The South is a land of stories, and I grew up listening to hunting, fishing, and “did you hear about” tales told by some wonderful storytellers. However, when I think about stories from my childhood, I go back to my Sunday School, Vacation Bible school, and Sunbeam (Yes, I’m that old!)

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Love Into Action

Dear children, don’t just talk about love. Put your love into action. Then it will truly be love. I John 3:18

Put your love into action. There’s an old hymn I grew up singing called ” I Love Thee.” One line I’ll always remember is “I love Thee, I love Thee and that Thou dost know, But how much I love Thee my actions will show.”When I love, people listen. I’ve met lots of people who can’t be swayed by a testimony, words on a page, or preachers in a pulpit, but there are very few people who are not moved by a life that genuinely shows the Savior’s love, day in and day out.

Father, Help me love in such a way that people see Your love alive, walking around Columbus, GA, teaching school, worshipping in church, playing on the playground. Make Your love true in my everyday life. Amen.

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Summer SUN Bible Study Continued

I’ve been absent from the blog a few days. I’ve

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Summer SUN Day 9

Scripture- I John 2:20

For the Holy One has given you his Spirit, and all of you know the truth. (New Living Translation)


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Summer SUN Bible Study Day 8

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Summer SUN Bible Study Day 7

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