VBS Skit 2013

John, Curtiss, and Mark on the "roller coaster" at Hilton Terrace Baptist Church!

John, Curtiss, and Mark on the “roller coaster” at Hilton Terrace Baptist Church!

Each year, I write a very short skit to publicize that year’s VBS theme. It’s always so much fun to set and really helps us set the mood for the theme. Feel free to use this year’s script! Enjoy!

Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Speaker 3


All three enter and get in line next to the “You must be this tall to ride sign” hanging on music stand.

1- Wow! I cannot wait to get on that Colossal Coaster. There’s nothing like cheating death to start your day off right! (high five with 2)

2- Dude, they say this ride has sent more people to the chiropractor than John Cena!

1- Awesome!

3- Speaking of doctors, you know I just remembered. I have a very rare seat belt harness allergy. When that harness comes down, my whole body breaks out in hives!

1- That’s terrible!

2- Well you know my motto is “be prepared” and those rare allergies are just the reason that I never leave home without my emergency bottle of Benadryl. (digs in bag, Hands bottle to 3)

3- Gee thanks. Hey guys, look over there. (Points in direction to divert C and M’s attention while he raises the sign to a level that is above their heads.) Would you look at that? Looks like we are all too short to ride this ride. Let’s just find another ride, look at that nice merry go round over there.

2- (Pulls the stand back down) ______, quit messing around.

1- Yeah we’re going to lose our place in line!

2-(the truth begins to dawn) Hey _______, are you afraid of the Colossal coaster.

3- Afraid? Me? I live for roller coasters, My middle name is danger, well actually, it’s _____ and I am a just a little afraid.  I mean look at that the size of that first hill. Hey I want to go to heaven, but not today!

2- You know our VBS theme this year is Facing Fear, Trusting God.

1- Hey ______, most people are afraid of something: heights, sickness, wild animals. Our world can be a scary place.

2- Yeah our stories in VBS this year are all about Paul, Now that’s a man that who faced a lot of scary situations: shipwrecks, angry crowds, snakes..

3- Guys, you’re right.  I just need to remember that God is with me no matter where I go. OK, let’s show this coaster who’s the boss!

All three go for a short ride on the chair “coaster.” Then all unbuckle. As they leave.

3-Hey guys, that ride is nothing compared to the fun we’ll have starting tonight at 5 PM

1- This year’s VBS will be a ride you’ll never forget: crafts, stories, songs and games.

2- And everyday you’ll learn more about facing fear and trusting God.

3- Take it from me- Faith is more fun than fear any day




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