She’s Nine, Not Nineteen

I just started reading a book called Six Ways to Keep the “Little” in Your Little Girl by Dannah Gresh,  and so far it has given me lots to think about in guiding Meg to walk in confidence and purity. However, clothing manufacturers do not seem to share my concern for teaching my daughter to be a modest young lady.

I’m in the Girls Size 7-14 section, and I’m staring at the clothing folded on the table in front of me. I begin to eliminate things that I really don’t want to put on Meg. No skulls, nothing that will leave piles of glitter trailing behind her. Nothing skin tight, she likes to move. OK, that leaves-nothing! In the last few months I have repeated this scenario again and again as Meg has moved from size 8 to size 10 in some items. Don’t even get me started about shopping for dresses! I don’t know what nightclubs let nine year olds in, but apparently clothing manufacturers want them to have plenty to wear should they be admitted!  My little girl goes to school and church, and she needs clothing that fits into those settings! I wish that clothing companies would remember that girls this age are not teenagers. Meg still loves to jump rope, play tag, and arrange her stuffed animals.  These little girl activities do not lend themselves to the form fitting clothing that is being sold in the girls departments. I am constantly looking for basic dresses, jeans, and t shirts that are age appropriate and beautiful, just like my sweet girl!

Christmas outfits 2012. I finally found a dress for Meg that had long sleeves with a full skirt. She is very cold natured and she loves skirts with some twirl!

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