That Was Beautiful!

This summer, I went with Meg to Centri-Kid camp, and she gave me one of those “You’ll Never forget This, Mom Moments. There were around 750 people filing out of the auditorium at Norman Park after the worship service on Saturday night. It was hot and the air was thick with gnats as it always is in South Georgia this time of year. (Because our first years in ministry were in Ashburn, I have spent a lot of time at Norman Park, but somehow my walks down memory lane never include the gnats!)Meg was walking a little in front of me as we cleared the doors, and when we got outside, she lifted her head toward the sky and said in a very conversational tone, “That was beautiful.” I said, “Meg, were you talking to me?”
“No, Mom,  I was telling God that the worship tonight was beautiful.” Yes, it was, and so are you, sweetheart, so are you. Keep your eyes on God’s beauty, and thanks for reminding me!

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